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The school principal is the instructional leader of the building.  For quality instruction to be consistent, as the instructional leader, I need to understand the elements that impact instruction such as instructional supervision, proper technology integration, and the effective use of data.  It is also important to foster a safe learning environment both physically and digitally for all students.  The following is a blueprint of my key strategies for ensuring the most meaningful instruction for students.

Best practices of effective instructional programs:

  • Lessons and assessments are aligned with state standards

  • Technology integration

  • Weekly spiral reviews

  • Student-centered and relevant instruction

  • Data-driven instruction

  • Incorporation of all learning modalities

  • Data-driven remediation

  • High expectations

  • Clear belief in all students' success

  • Incorporation of real world project-based learning

  • Integrates five C's from Virginia's profile of a graduate

Procedure for use of disaggregated student data:
  • Create a red, yellow, and green tracking system for monitoring student achievement

  • Disaggregate SOL data looking specifically at subgroups

  • Use data to select students for flex period 

  • Use data to drive truancy interventions 

  • Use data to monitor school improvement progress

  • Data will drive instruction 

​Strategies for supervising instruction:
  • Create a shared Google folder for weekly lesson plans 

  • Monitor weekly lesson plans for alignment

  • Monthly walkthrough observations

  • Conduct formal observations with pre/post conferences

  • Utilize peer-observation program

  • Mentor observation quarterly

  • Collaborate with division instructional coaches for professional development and/or observations

  • Collaborate with technology department to ensure effective technology integration


List of technologies to support teaching and learning: 

  • Ensure teachers are trained on Triple E technology framework

  • Canvas

  • Google suits

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Pear Deck

  • Jamboard

  • Turnitin

  • SeeSaw

  • Panopto

  • Worldbook Online

  • Kahoots

  • Edgenuity

  • Read Works

Procedures that will protect the welfare and safety of students:

  • Monthly fire drills

  • Practice lockdown, tornado, and earthquake drills 

  • All staff will complete child abuse/neglect training

  • Remind stakeholders of AUP compliance to promote digital safety

  • Conduct grade level expectation assemblies 

  • Administration is visible in the building throughout the school day and sporting events

  • Teachers and administrators are visible in hallway during transitions 

  • SRO will be an active participant in the school community 

  • Administration team will hold high expectations of all stakeholders

List of local, state, and/or national trends that will affect student learning:
  • National teacher shortage

  • Rise in provisional licenses

  • Increase in classroom diversity

  • Virginia lowered student to school counselor ratio (more counselors hired to address mental health concerns)

  • More online learning opportunities

  • Rise in one-to-one device ratio and technology integration

  • COVID-19 mitigation concerns

  • Through-course state assessments

  • Virginia profile of a graduate 

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