Students are expected to develop an electronic professional portfolio throughout their course of study consisting of the student's


(1) educational leadership philosophy,

(2) development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a school vision,

(3) evidence of setting a series of school goals,

(4) strategies for sustaining school improvement in their school,

(5) strategies for evaluating school progress,

(6) strategies for promoting a positive school culture,

(7) examples of best practices of effective instructional programs,

(8) procedure for use of disaggregated student data,

(9) strategies for supervising instruction,

(10) list of technologies to support teaching and learning in the schools,

(11) procedures for managing school resources,

(12) procedures that will protect the welfare and safety of students, and

(13) list of local, state and/or national trends that will affect student learning.

In addition, candidates should list

(14) procedures for working with parents and the community to improve student learning,

(15) professional educational leadership activities they have led,

(16) professional leadership meetings attended,

(17) professional commendations received, and

(18) educational resume.