The Roaring 20s




VUS.10a Analyzing how radio, movies, newspapers, and magazines created popular culture and challenged traditional values

Mass media and communication:

Radio: Broadcast jazz and Fireside Chats

Movies: Provided escape from Depression-era realities

Newspapers and magazines: Shaped cultural norms and sparked fads

Challenges to traditional values:

Traditional religion: Darwin’s Theory, the Scopes Trial

Traditional role of women: Flappers, 19th Amendment 

Open immigration: Rise of new Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

Prohibition: Smuggling alcohol and speakeasies

VUS.10b assessing the causes and consequences of the stock market crash of 1929

Causes of the stock market crash of 1929

There was excessive expansion of credit

Bank deposits were invested in the market.

Business was booming, but investments were made with borrowed money (overspeculation).

Business failures led to bankruptcies.

When the market collapsed, the banks ran out of money.

VUS.10c explaining the causes of the Great Depression and its impact on the American people.

Causes of the Great Depression 




The Great Depression 

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